Since my friend is a lua coder and he is new he wants me to post this since he doesn’t have an account. I know them but I’m usually busy but I have a few minutes to spare to type this, is there a site that can explain them to him?

Definitions example:
for k, v in pairs


The Garry’s Mod Wiki has all the information you’ll need for Lua in Gmod.

He’s over my house on my other computer, and it’s “he’ll” need not “you’ll” need. proper grammar for the win! He said the wiki doesn’t have the definitions, it’s either that or he can’t find them.

v is most likely a temporary variable reffering to player.

player.GetAll() is defined, and so is Entity:Ignite()

the first one is a basic for loop, search google for ‘for loops in lua’

My grammar was perfectly fine, you’re the one talking, so I’m talking to you.

The Wiki does have all the information, use the search function. Lets try looking for what ignite does, oh look we’ve found it.

Jo The Shmo, I don’t have time for this. I’m leaving for work in five minutes. He can’t find all the shit on the wiki which means that there should be a definition page.

Well if you can’t find all the stuff on the wiki then you should learn more Lua before trying something complex. It took me a few months to get to where I am now, I used the wiki along with some help here and there from the community.

And why are you trying to get all this information 5 minutes before work? Chill out and try another time when you can sit and search for a while.

Perhaps you may want to approach this more politely. If you don’t have time for this, why should we help you? The wiki is perfectly fine.


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