Definitive decay answer

So, i’m asking for a definitive answer here. I’ve seen a lot of posts, and both reference either stopping decay with resources, or simply lighting a fire inside the house to reset all of the structure.

Which one is it?

Is lighting a fire/opening doors once every 4 days a way to stop decay or we have to constantly repair walls with wood and doors with metal?

I don’t know whether doors opening/closing, or fires, or logging out in, or storing items in a room stops decay, but at least one of them definately does.
The last shack I had lasted more than a week without a single repair, and any time I tried along that timeline, I was unable to repair it, as it was at full health.

So, for me, simply living in a structure was enough to preserve it, which aspect of living I cannot be sure of.

Hm, that’s good to know. Some interior walls on my shack (and an exterior one, which lead to loosing a ton of loot) disappeared. I had used the structure every hour basically, from fire to chests.

Yeah, the exterior walls might have been blown up with c4. However, the interior walls that vanished couldn’t. They were behind doors that weren’t blown up and there was no way to access them from outside of the structure.

This happened in mere hours. I’m thinking bug maybe?

Or perhaps you need a fire in each room, so if you had several walls and doors separating areas in your house, you’d need a fire in each.

To put it another way, if you enclose a fire, perhaps only the four walls and/or doors that have enclosed it are immune to decay.

That’s possible. However, walls are supposed to last 4 days… The house had just been built, wasn’t standing for more than 16 hours which is strange.