Deformation on viewmodel after compile

When I compile the viewmodel with Crowbar, the arms get deform.
If I compile arms and weapon with two QC’s they look fine.
Need help to find the problem.

Here is a picture of what happends.

Here is QC:

$ModelName “weapons\steeldragon\v_steeldragon.mdl”

$Model weapon “steeldragon_reference.smd”
$Model arms “nerd_arms_reference.smd”

$SurfaceProp “default”

$Contents “solid”

$MaxEyeDeflection 90

$CDMaterials “models\weapons\steeldragon”
$CDMaterials “models\weapons

$Attachment “1” “tag_flash” 0 0 0 rotate 0 0 0

$Sequence “idle” {
activity “ACT_VM_IDLE” 1
snap rotate -90
fadein 0.2
fadeout 0.2
fps 30