Defualt Fretta colour

What is the default colour for Fretta if the player has never picked one because my friend joined and it threw me an error and I told him to pick a colour to see if it would fix it and it did, but now I dont remember what the error was and I dont have anyone to test it who hasent picked a colour on garrysmod

I dont think its 0,0,0 because it wouldent give me an error, maybe its nill?

What are you talking about Default color for Fretta?

when you join a Fretta server in some gamemodes you can pick your colour for youself but if you havent ever picked a colour then it wouldent return a colour in the code

Its hard to explain sorry if its confusing

You mean a team? It shouldn’t throw any errors.

well im talking about where there isnt a team and the players can set there colour individually
I m using **[Gamemode.GetTeamColor](** but when the player has never picked a colour before it throws an error

So check if he hasn’t picked a color before then set a default possibly?