Defunctional Multiplayer

My golly, this problem has been pissing me off for the past week+. I have looked up and tried many solutions to my problem online, none of which worked. I tried to post this on the Steam Discussion but it got sent to the bottom of the bin in only the matter of a minute. I tried to send an email to Facepunch Support awhile ago, but no response.
So let me begin. I am running Windows 8.1 on a Dell Inspiron 15 laptop. I have Trend Micro and Windows Firewall, but both allow all Steam games. I have wireless internet Netgear with stable connection. And I was able to play Gmod multiplayer with all of these settings.
Suddenly, one day, without doing anything different, multiplayer suddenly ceases to work entirely, and ONLY on Gmod. I can still access the web with my browser AND play online with my non-Steam and other Steam games.
So the way it has been acting is that when I first boot up the game and open up the multiplayer list, it acts like normal; it loads servers. However, I can’t connect to ANY of these servers. After about 30+ seconds, the list suddenly stops loading any new servers. If I refresh the list, every single server is gone.
Based on possible solutions I have found online, I have done the following;
-Forwarding ports 2700-3000 (didn’t work)
-Verify my game cache (didn’t work)
-Play Gmod with both Trend Micro and Windows Firewall disabled (didn’t work)
-Opening up regedit and changing the ‘Offline’ variable to 0 (didn’t work)
-And a whole other buttload of things
An interesting thing to note; A few minutes after the severs stop loading, if I do shift-tab it says Steam is offline. If I set my status to online, the servers still don’t load and it knocks me back to offline a few minutes later.
Could anybody, and I mean ANYBODY please help me?

So I can’t even get any support on the official support forums?
Could anybody at least recommend more solutions?

  1. You’ll have to be patient while some people research your issue. 2. Garrysmod is notorious for having multiplayer issues. 3. Try reinstalling steam, check for updates, delete your steam folder and restart steam again.

Will reinstalling steam delete all of my other games, and their data?

Yes, but fortunately, Valve anticipated this:

You can also back up saves/settings for games that stash it in Documents(game) and Documents\My Games(game).

So I did a fresh install of Gmod; it did not fix my problem.
So, elixwhitetail, if I move my game files to a seperate location before deleting steam and reinstalling it, can I just plug the files back in after?

Follow these instructions.

  1. Delete any GMod folders in steamapps/(username) and steamapps/common (backup any content you’d like to keep).
  2. Turn off Steam Cloud sync for GMod (Steam --> Right click Garry’s Mod --> Properties --> Updates --> Steam Cloud).
  3. Delete local content.
  4. Reinstall.

Followed all of these instructions just now. This did not fix my problem.

Anybody else have suggestions?

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I just uninstalled and reinstalled Steam to see if it would fix my problem.
It didn’t.