Defusable + Makeable bombs.

Well I’m looking for a lua or download or whatever you wish to refer to it as.

So basically you could make bombs from this, which would add up to the model of C4.

However, it would be almost just like EasyEngines except with bombs and less needed things.

> Optional Parts <

The bombs could have a smoke feature or fire featurwe, just like the accesssories on EasyEngines.

You coudl change the amount of flames needed and stuff of the sort.

< Other >

Not just C4 style of bombs but a variety if possible.

Diffusable bombs.

Well these would either focus off the bomb above, or just the C4 addon.

It would be like a keypad cracker with the message that appears on the screen “Cracking” and the bar would say Diffuse or Diffusing instead.

I’m not sure how it would work, but if they were like ‘together’ it would improve the ability further.

Nice idea a Better idea is Easy Factory Easy to make objects.

Never heard of anything liek it so I wouldn’t know.

I’ll look into it though.

Nope. Can’t find no ‘Easy Factory’

So still looking.

explosive barrel + dynamite

to diffuse remove dynamite

to make a bigger explosion use more explosive barrels


LOL joking but i do want to see this done


Well I mean a realistic kind of bomb but kind of a good idea.

Except its meant for liek a bomb maker to make a bomb, then cops can diffuse it =D

Without it being adv duped or wire mod.

22 hour bump…

I’m aware this can get ‘burried’ but I’m makign sure it doesn’t get too down deep.

No easy Factory would be the idea. It could even be a base so you can create objects like this.

I do think this would be awesome. Easy Factory would be perfect, but maybe too much to ask for.

mabey it could come in three parts

  1. warhead
    a selection of warheads including; nukuler, fire, cluster… ect

  2. body click once to activerate again to de-actirvate

  3. thrusters makes rocket go far far away

you could also make it snap to gether so like when one piece touch’s another it auto welds together

Well were not aiming for a rocket.

Were aiming for a diffusable liek C4 but with maybe some changable atributes.

The warhead could maybe be like a ‘smoke bomb’ were it will deploy a large cloud of smoke instead of an explosion.

a rocket with snaping like in spacebuild is something i would like to see, look at the code for the auto snap and wire thrusrters, though i could not find the code in the spacebiuld model pack.

I was having the idea of this being for RP purposes and anything of the such.

But thanks for the bump =D


Topic is still alive… No one has any commentary?

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Umm, I can do this easily, but you would need BOTH of those to work it out.

What do you have against ADV. DUP or Wiremod?I have seen diffusible bombs up for download on

I have nothign against them, but for this to be rp related, it would be much better as either a SWEP or SENT…

Because wiremod is good but no tmany people know it, and adv dupe is still being used as wire =D

If you could do this, it would be nice and appreciated.

not by just me of course Xd

i use a modified version of c4 off garrysmod that works for my RP server.

cuttable wired a recoded and modled gbombs and there you goeh!