Defusable Timebomb

I made a realistic timebomb some time ago and now i decided to upload it if anyone should need it.

Also i made a video of it showing how it works and an example use…

If you are interested you can download the adv dupe file and the expressions.
This is not tested if it works so you can be the first :slight_smile:
Download Files

Been done.

This looks virtually identical to a tutorial I saw a few years ago sigh

A more popular version has already been uploaded to months, maybe even a year ago. Why would you make this? :rant:

I only found 2 bombs on and on youtube…
those both did not worked because they were on a too old version of avd dupe.
Also those were not that realistic as mine.
You could easy find out the right wire or it was always the same. And they were not fully desctrutable it was a undestroyable box were just the explosive gets removed after explosion (or not even that)

How could you know this, if…

I watched the videos of them at youtube and also i know the phx material used is not destructable normally.

Why is that when I spawn it, it comes out as mostly errors?

You dont have PHX and Wire?

I believe I do, but this happens whenever I try and spawn it:

The text on the top right just keeps on going and never stops when I try and spawn it.

do you have adv duplicator and you copied the expressions into the right folder ?
i think that is the problem…

or your adv duplicator version does not match