Degeneration - gamemode concept

Degeneration would be a Zombie survival mode - your typical generic - however with twists.

The gamemode would be on an open, outside map.
The Zombies come in waves (1 - 20) and each wave there are more zombies, they can take more damage and they run faster.
Killing a Zombie gives you money, as it would in Call of Duty: World at War.
For the money you can buy new weapons, ammo, a couple of upgrades, and buy barricades plus automated turrets.
The Zombies can slowly tear down the barricades.
You start out with a pistol with a flashlight and a crowbar.

Since the map is dark you’ll need light. There’s plenty of light, but in the middle of the map there’s a generator – if you loose it you loose ammo for re-chargable sci-fi weapons, automated turrets and light. You’ll have to rely on your short-range weapons with flashlight built into them to survive.
Since the middle of the map and the outside portion of the map is compromised you can move into a cellar close by, where you can survive on the little recourses you have left as long as possible.

The game is won when wave 20 is eliminated.

You can upgrade your generator so the turrets move faster and the light gets brighter, adding visibility and blinding the enemies – making them move slower. You can also purchase armor for your generator if needed.

Upgrades, weapons and other purchases are available inside the cellar which you can go freely to when you want to, and barricade so you can’t get out closer to the end.
Weapons are outlines on a big wall (similar to the world at war one) with ammo e.t.c. – barricades are also outlines on the ground around the map where, when purchased a blockade with wood and misc. objects appear. They can be torn down by the enemy after a while.

The best weapons are the sci-fi ones. However they can only be used if charged by the generator once in a while.

The mode is meant for 4 or less players.

When a person dies he can be rescued again after 2 minutes by spawning in a room in the cellar.
If all 4 players die they have lost the game.

You defend the generator from Zombies coming from all sides, you buy weapons, upgrades and barricades, and when wave 20 is killed you win.

Added some more stuff - warning - image spam:
(Map should be about 4-5 times the size I made just now) - note that I forgot to add floodlight/turrets on most of the images.

Top view:

Zombies come up from the infections water.

Survivors exit in the cellar:

The generator can be upgraded - turrets move faster, floodlight are stronger, it can take more damage:

Weapons can be purchased in the cellar. Walk to the silhouette and press ‘E’

Buying automated turrets may help you:


Silhouette changes:

What it says in the corner:



You can charge sci-fi weapons through the generator.

So, it may be another Zombie gamemode, but I think it’d be fun. :v:

Also, here’s a 'lil concept I drew to demonstrate how dark it actually would be without floodlights: