i think its kinda dumb how we can die from dehydration, but dont have any sources of clean water…

i also found out that you cant cook meat anymore… it just sits in the fire staying raw until it spoils

Ironic that you have to eat meat to hydrate… yet you can’t cook it. :downs:

you can cook meat :wink: it takes 69 wood to cook em :slight_smile:

damn. i only tried 50 lol… or are you kidding, because i just realized you said 69 lol… god im slow… i take it you cant use a furnace to cook them either, because i also tried that. and that was the time the meat spoiled for me.

you need that campfire… and 69 is correct… atleast that is on my server :stuck_out_tongue: dont know on other servers (we did not change a thing)

i think it was 65, but its been a while since i got on to check;)

You can put 2-3 steaks on a fireplace with between 60 - 99 wood, less then 60 will not cook, over 100 will burn.

And look at the Trello site and you will see Bota bags and drinking are in the works:

You can easily stay hydrated by eating at least 1 steak per day. Once you have a better tool, like a hatchet or bone knife, you get like 12 steaks from each animal, so it’s not hard to build up a couple of weeks worth of cook meat and store it back at your base.

This is a survival game. The point is to find ways to survive…

On every server I’ve tried it has always been exactly 60 wood to cook 3 steaks.

Yes, as Owen153 already stated above you…

alright thanks… i tried 100 wood with my wolf meat in a furnace, but it didnt work. so im guessing it has to be in the campfire

Furnace is used to melt metal >.<

Not sure cooking meat in there would work so well haha.

i think the plan was for all the fire sources to be able to “cook” at one stage, don’t know if that is still the intention.

Lack of plastic bags is the problem… Im sure they are coming in game soon.
Any outback adventurer knows… throw some plastic over a tree branch with leaves and they practically leak water…