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Deific Roleplay

We are a server on Garry’s mod (Shocker, huh?). We have been online for a couple of weeks. The gamemode used is OpenAura Half Life 2 Roleplay, with our own little twists. But if you’re interested, please go to

Server IP:

What we do

Well, we are a roleplaying community. During our short beginning, we have cultivated quite a few players. We played using City 18 since we started. But, recently, we changed to a version of City 45, which we agree is better. We have also grown a few loyal players like myself. I found their server the day it was made. I found that it was solid and fresh. Unlike all these servers that say that there should be one million factions, Resistance Hunters, and many other things that aren’t useful or needed. I mean, I have seen servers that had, genuinely, thirty-six factions, if I remember right.

The Factions

Seeing as how I spoke of this before, I’m sure you would like to know what we do. We have a small variety of factions, not too many or too little. With the simple aim of making the experience more genuine.


The Resistance, the simple clamp keeping the hand of the Combine crushing the human race. But there isn’t exactly only one Resistance. But, before you go ‘What? Some overpowered experiments that seems to be able to turn invisible?’ (And yes, I’ve seen that.), our server is only planning on having one or two of these ‘sub-factions’. But not everything is all ‘gun and run’, there are the times that tactics are discussed, members get to know each other and resupply their ammunition.

The Combine

Yes, yes, we know they’re evil and inhumane, but we have to talk about them. The Combine have left the human race in shambles, trying to pick themselves up. But the Combine kicked us when we were down. They took the human race hostage with no one able to pay the ransom. We are constantly beaten, tortured, and sometimes killed, for no apparant reason. But no force would be, well, a force without organisation. To name a few of the squads and tell you what they are like.

HELIX - Medical Division. Incharge of the med bay and in fixing the machines, once known as men.
GRID - Engineering Unit. Designated to fix the many computers and mechanical machines within the Nexus and the field.
RAZOR - Assault specialists. Meant to breach doors, commence attacks, etc.


Yes, we have the living generators on the server. Currently, the number is dwindling. The species is nearing extinction. They came years ago, from Black Mesa, and reaped havok for, approxamately, six hours. They finally were set free by the one they only know as ‘The Free-man’, when he killed their dictator. But this was the beginning of the fight they were being pulled into. Upon contact with humans, they used to kill, but now they are peaceful and try to help. But, in the area of City 45, humans were killing Vortigaunts without even thinking about a single consequence. So when they showed peace, they just slaughtered them. Only later on did the Vorts get recognition. But the species was becoming near to extinct. Now they have to fight for survival and try to keep themselves from becoming like the other Xenian species.

Union Officer

The most feared rank in the CCA, these people are not to be messed with. After fighting with the resistance the Union Officers were sent in after a devastating attack that took place. They took charge and in-forced new laws and commands. They are the most likely person to amputate you for doing things a normal CCA member may let you of with. They are commanding and leading they are never happy or sad just always angry. So the next time you are standing next to one of these be careful what you do and say. They are just slightly higher than the Sectorial Commander which gives them the right to command them.

The Civil Workers Union

Ah the first class of what we know as the Civil Workers union, these are the guys you want to keep your mouth shut from if you are a second class citizen, they hear anything that is not to be said they will report you. They also do the jobs that you wouldn’t even do as a second class, they clean the streets run stores and even provide help for the CCA. Seeing one of this is common they think they are special. But really we all know as humans they are just being used as slaves. Most of them are resistance members that have either given up or been captured and forced to work like this. If you see one of these people just give them a slow nod and be on your way. They just are there to be used…

Don’t forget to download our content pack! It’s at

I love the way you have told what the server is and what it is about. I will be joining very soon, very impressive indeed.

Might as well connect. :buddy:

Download our content pack to not see errors

thanks everyone!


No this is a very respected member i’m just very impressed to what he put about the server.

So it’s the same as every other Hl2RP? Vortigaunts, a few resistances, and combine?

The member added we have a few here and there, we have a union officer and you missed out Civil Workers union.

Civil Workers Union is also in alot of RP servers, infact, I think OA has an option for them, so nothing special there.

Can you explain what the Union Officer is?

I know Civil Workers Union comes with OA I didn’t say anything about it being made by us, I was just pointing out the fact that you missed it out. A Union Officer is slightly higher than a Sectorial Commander. They are not the ones to mess around with, they come with a uniform designed for them. They will be helmetless therefore revealing their face. They look human but they are very commanding and leading. When you are around one of these try not to annoy him or you could face yourself in a cell. These have recently been added and are still in the works. They arrived after a devastating attack on the city they are here to inforce new laws.

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More will be added to the post later this is just basic information. Pictures of the uniform will be added along with more infomation about them.

I missed it out because the first post never told me about it. If you wanted people to know, edit it in.

As I said this is basic information intended on telling you stuff about the server, not the stuff you already know. But we will post some pictures and information later today don’t worry.

I appreciate HL2RP a lot and I’ve had 8 months working with it.

However I do only appreciate servers with exclusive content, and Vortigaunts does not count so is there anything else?

The ones we currently are useing are : Overwatch, Civil Protection, Civil Workers Union, Vortigaunts, and Union Officer along with the Resistance.

Another one? No original shit anymore. :frowning: whatever, good luck, try to go off canon a bit.

There you go guys, updated the Union Officer and CWU.

Buy admin here guys

Deific Roleplay?
More like deficient roleplay.

Oh wow.
Hoping this could be great for a change, I hate you now OP. :smith:

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holy fuck the forum structure.

Who the hell is Steven. Why did you post our donation page?

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The website is basic yes, it works does it not. Then what is the problem. We will be buying a domain soon. If you even bothered to read, we are a young community.

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I’ve had to restart the server a few times because of some updates. But now it is up and running. Sorry if you tried to join and couldn’t.

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What is that suppost to mean, you do not even know me or have even seen the server and it’s style. So I don’t know why you post such a topic.

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