Deinserverhost down again ?

My server was down last night for about 5-6 hours . Now it’s down again .
Server status : Unknown . I get no answers to my tickets (neither on the support ticket thingy and not on the Email either)
Is it just me or everybody that has his server hosted by deinserverhost?

Hey, got the same problem here. Since ~20 minutes down, server and ftp is down, status is “unknown”… tried to do a steam update, nothing works :suicide:

Not to add that answering to tickets takes hours if not days . When we bought the host it seemed so nice(ticket = max 1h and u got an answer /no crashing) but after a week everything changed …

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Got an answer FINALLY , even though I asked in English like 5-6 times the answer I got was in German and they say it is a power failure .

Hey! :slight_smile: Just started playing on your server and googled a little to find you. The server name says there is a new ip. However that “new” ip does not seem to exist.