Delete "cache" folder every time GMod shuts down;

The cache folder is an invention of the devil :frowning: There should be a checkbox option in the GMod Options thingy to delete it every time you close GMod.

Why would you want that? You would need to redownload the dua files every time you join a server after a fresh-start.

However, a checkbox which deletes dua files not used the last 7 days (for example) would be nice.

Why not delete them your self?

Because it’ll improve stability. The more shit you have in there, the more prone your game is to crashing. There’s some gamemodes I can’t last for 20 minutes in with 300+ dua files. I like to redownload them, it’s not like they take very long to redownload anyway.

I do. Would be nice to have something do it automatically, even if it only takes a few seconds already.

Download rawio, then make a lua script to get it to delete cache files.

There’s no ShutDown hook in the menu environment.

Deleting the cache file does nothing, you are only creating the illusion in your head that it does something.

Oh, of course not. That’s why I only last in certain gamemodes 20 minutes or less and when I delete it, I could be in there for 2 to 3 hours if I wanted to do so. 20 minutes and 2-3 hours are the same thing, of course, absolutely no difference between the two timespans. Man, you’re a genius! You should write a book! I bet you could even create a time machine.

I Want to make one now :saddowns: