Delete GMod?

Can i fully delete gmod in any way?

Yes, it will come back as a clean version when you start it again.

^You didn’t tell him HOW to delete it. :v:

Go to (in your program files folder): “steam/steamapps/username/garrysmod”
Within this garrysmod folder there should be another folder, also called “garrysmod”. Rename this folder to “garrysmodold” then start the game. It will be like you just installed it for the first time. Your old garrysmod folder will still be there of course, addons and all, but you can either move the addons you want into your new folder or just delete the garrysmodold folder.

Oh and to fully delete it, delete the garrysmod folder in steam/steamapps/username, and the “garrysmod_content.gcf” in steam/steamapps

Its garrysmod_old
^ Thats how i do it when i need a fresh install

It doesn’t matter what you rename it to.