delete these racist uploads


Just don’t mind sick people.

how is it racist im not a nazi but the swastika is just an symbol for an organization not for racism

its a symbol for sun or decoration
go back to school idiot
so what if some one is posting that?
ive seen actual racist stuff on there
this is merely an opinion
am i racist cause i don’t like chicken?
i fucking hate little kids who open there stupid mouths before thinking maybe i should look this up?

in before im banned for “flaming”

i bet your jewish. also, whatever, if people want to upload thats they can

notice on the spray one you linked to, it says “This is not racist, it is meant to be funny.”

He did it as a joke. Please remove your head from the ass of uber-liberals who take offense to everything.

as sickening as they are, it’s something to just overlook…whatever…someone’s opinion…blah blah blah

First off, its nothing to worry about (the nazi’s i mean), and second of all, the swastika isnt rly the symbol of the nazis but a religious symbol. Buddism or Hinduism, dont remember ^^

Nazi’s got shot, Neo-Nazi’s arrived deal with it.

if anything get rid of the porn things

as a female gamer im disappointed D=<

all you people are ignorant idiots for thinking this is not racist. it is not a joke, why is a symbol that represents racist fascism and genoside funny? its just another on of those things that influence more thugs to hate someone for their race.
and if the administrator of the website dose not get rid of the sprays and background, he/she should be ashamed of themselfs.

You havent read that didnt you?

dude shut up

Thanks for the link, I needed a new spray.


True racists are the ones that get offended…

Amen! :devil:

please explain that to me.

Who cares about uploads.