Delete Zombies?

At first i forced to say that my English ist not the best. For Some maken Failures and something else i been sorry.

Today i read about the Developers Idea to delete the Zombies. The official Statement for that is, that there already enough that can kill u.
The First thing my Friends an me speaken about was, that the Zombies are just too low. Easy to Kill and no Difficult. And well too small Amount of.

I cant like the Idea to Delete them. I meen why? I think its a great Part in Game that u must pay Attention for. Animals are to Dumbass to Kill Players. (Just use a Bow or that Handcannon. Its enough).
They are making the apocalyptic Survival Game complete. There not too many ways to die. All the Points are just easy. And well… I like the Idea that u must kill them and stole the Stuff in that Boxes near them.

To Patch them away it will make the Game a bit more boring. And i dont think that thats the Point the Developers are aim to reach for, am i right`?

Rust isn’t a zombie game, and zombies are too generic.

I never said that is it, but the Zombies make it more like an apocalyptic Adventure i think. Build up my Base, go farming and like to visit the few Places with them and take away all theyre hided :stuck_out_tongue: Its a funpart, but not escentially thats right. Do do dont think that when they take it away, theyre missing? I do think so. But sure its not a Zombiegame. But in that Case u can play Minecraft without Monsters. Same thing. Just too easy. And a Game without a challenge is? Right…

Zombies are like the modern guns, it is just for the purpose of testing and balancing the game. Neither are meant to stay there. And as someone said, this is not a Zombie Survival game. There will be something else to replace zombies : more animals, more dangers,…

You didnt really look enough to see that they are REPLACING zombies. So there will be threats, just not zombies. Got it?

Well i heard they are gonna replace them by some ather kind of animal/monster… maybe ghosts? maybe alians? maybe nethers? maybe that zombies from the last of us? maybe nothing? i just heard some people say it will be replaced so it wont be a dayz copy.

They will be replaced because the market is oversaturated with zombie games currently.

I personally hope for the replacement to be four-armed radioactive monster bears.

So you make zombie bears. Not verry far from zombies

I would like the aggressive npc mobs to be unique mutant creatures from focused games like stalker and metro 2033. Rust does have that post apocalyptic feel to it.

i would like to make it more scary so little kids wont play it :smiley: like ghosts xD

Although, as a fan of zombie games, I am sad to see their plans to replace the zombies; the fact that another aggressive NPC taking their place doesn’t damper my enthusiasm for this game. The replacement doesn’t even need to really be sci-fi based. Put some NPC human raiders in the game. The fact that they might be able to shoot back would add a whole new degree of challenge when other players aren’t around.

Hm no Zombies but mutated Monsters like Metro? Do u like the librarians? Not far away from piss myself when i saw them the first time. Maybe increase the Strenght/Speed/AI from Animals will be an great Idea. Cause u cant tell me that theyre really dangerous… (Stack - Shotgun and the thing is happen)

Wtf no…

He said he wants four-armed radioactive monster bears.
What does that have to be with zombies?

Zombies are not created by radioactivity…
Radioactive monster bears would look like bears with genetic issues like overgrowing muscles or something.

Take the movie “Hulk” as an example.

The Idea for Mutaded Human and Bandits seems natural.
No one can say that you are the only one who alive the reason for this apocalyptic Scene (whats the Reason for it?Nuklear power plant crashes?Third World War?Nuklear Attack?global warming?)

so some Bandits would be nice.
Mutated ppl seems legit if you know their are Radzones everywhere.I like the Idea

Not even a bear,but four handed :wink: Yeah i like Warhammer

Ok when u see Bears and want to hunt them they grow up to Giant Green Raging Beasts and beat the Shit out of u. Maybe a few players can set up as a group and hunt him. To take his Gear. After that they can go to the Mount Everrust and hunt the Dragon … Wait, no.

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Wattafuck?! U wanna set up Genesteelers`? Lol that it will not longer a Survival Game, more like RUN FOR YOUR LIFE THEY AR… Urgggsss Argghh … growl btw i love Warhammer :smiley:

No i dont want to add Genestealers,i only say that is a way to combine the ,mutaded, and his wish for a four armed animal :wink:

At this i have to think on this part at 0:38 Sec

Yeah,you will shoot a bear and thats happen.Very nice xD

,Enough bear,i am the hunter and you the cant defeat me,
,pff puny hunter,

more animals, and the big thing is make bandit npcs, that way loot drops like weapons and such make sense. have them patrol on foot and even vehicles, bandit towns that you have to raid strategically.

This would pull players together more than shooting Bambi’s on the spot.

Great! :smiley:

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Fuck off Bambi, but the Idea with Bandit Towns is such… Great! For some like that Zombies can replaced so heavy they want! Maybe with some Kind of Function that Bandit Players can head up with them. As an Idea… Just that :smiley:

Okay,back to topic.
When we see that through the Radiation some Humans be mutated,why also Animals dont mutate?
As you say,a Killer Bambi or bigger Pigs or else?But only in the Rad Zone with the other ,mutatet,