deleted folders in gmod

my folders were deleted. In my garrysmod directory there is nothing thier can soeone help me please.

Would you please explain more?

How did they get deleted?

Check your recycle bin, there are programs that can retrieve emptied recycled items.

i was cleaning out my garrysmod and deleted them and emptied my reycleyed items :frowning:


i have the bin, cfg, downloadlist, help, lau, maps, materials, media, resource, scripts, setting and shaders folders

Re-install, it should download all the required files.

how do i do that


ok i did that but it didnt work

Sigh… Well, go to Steam/Steamapps/username/ folder.

Rename garrysmod to garrysmod_old.

Run GMod.

Exit GMod.

Watch in awe as a new garrysmod folder was automatically created.

Now copy any essential addons from the old garrysmod folder.


Do not right click on your steam GMod icon and say uninstall or reinstall. Following this method that I gave you, your folders should reappear by running gmod at least once.

If it still doesn’t reappear verify the integrity of the Game Cache File by right-clicking on GMod in Steam and selecting Verify integrity.