Deleted garrysmod folder on accident now what?

SO I used to have garrysmod and had a crapload of addons and shenanigans and such, but eventually i grew tired of the game and later got a new version of windows so I thought it deleted everything.

Anywho, my brother recently got into gmod so I decided to get back into it with him. I download gmod, the game runs fine, but in the gmod folder it showed all the addons i used to have but none of them worked in game, and nothing i put in there worked either. I saw something about deleting your garrysmod folder to get rid of old addons and starting fresh, so I did that but now I’ve run gmod and restarted and there isn’t a new garrysmod folder to put stuff in. do I have to reinstall?

Restart Steam, and right click Garry’s Mod in the games list and select Install.

It actually shouldn’t take long. It’s a fairly painless task.

I can still play the game, I just can’t put addons on because there isn’t a folder in steamapps

That’s… odd. If you’ve deleted the folder from steamapps, Steam should replace it when you try and launch the game. Try deleting local content, and then see if an installation restores the folder to its proper place.

Ok thats odd. I deleted local content and reinstalled, its still not there.

tried reinstalling everything, including steam, still no garrysmod folder what the hell you guys

I don’t have Garry’s Mod, but right click in library > properties > verify.

tried that, no result

Are you sure you’re looking in the right place? Usually Steam installs in C:/Program Files(x86)/Valve/Steam (Or just Program Files/Steam). Go and make sure your SteamApps folder is present and then look for your username folder and then your garrysmod folder.

It could be that you’ve previously installed to a different directory, so now it doesn’t “show up” anymore.


Or you installed to a new directory and you are accessing an old one. Mine is for example installed in my I:/Games/Installed/Steam directory.

wellll now i feel like a total dumbass. I have two program files folders, steam installed on the other one this time /facepalm
problem solved yall