"Deleted" Servers

Heya, dunno if it’s just a matter of time until they are available again, but I’d like to ask anyways.
I know of the attack a few hours ago and that there had to be a fix again. I’ve also seen that some servers weren’t in the list after some updates.
AAAAND now that my server (an official) is gone i have to ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

As i said, I’m playing on an official server. NOT a community server. Officials should be rebooted all at the same time, that’s what i think at least.
Germany2 is gone for me. Is it possible that they are deleting some servers after a certain period of time or something like that, or is it simply not online yet?

I don´t see Germany2 either. Maybe they just restart the Server or Update it.

If the server is hosted by multiplay they are all down, there’s a bug causing high CPU usage so a lot of servers are offline until it’s fixed

they implement a update atm… our just updated and online! net.connect