Deleting Addons - Help

So i’ve got alot of addons that i downloaded from the gmod website and i don’t use them anymore. Ive deleted them all from the gmod folder but they still show up when i start gmod. I have also deleted the game and reinstalled it. Does anyone know any other reason why they are still showing up. oh also the reason i’m asking is because the addons are slowing down gmod and i needto get rid of them.

Are they in the addons folder or in things like “models,materials,lua” things like that.

they are in seperate folders but they’re all in the addons folder. I mean i have deleted them all and restarted Gmod. Is there a certain ingame option or steam option to completely reset Gmods files? Um… if the question doesn’t make sense then im sorry im not entirely sure how to phrase this write

Never Mind i fixed it.