Deleting custom tags overwriting with Hatschat2

Okay so i put in Hatschat2 into my addons folder but it’s not showing up as the chat tags… so i deleted it and then realised that there must be a custom script automatically put in the server for the tags because when i deleted it it didn’t go away. Could someone please tell me how to delete this custom chat tag thingy and overwrite it with hatschat2



You helped so much…

Sorry, not sure I know how to delete the custom chat thingy, I learned how to code not delete thingies. Perhaps considering you purchased it (I would hope) myhatstinks could help?

Okay, well i have put in the Hatschat2…extracted it to addons tried to set the owner rank to a colour but it just goes white… the superadmin tag goes red (as it should) but when i try changing the owner one it just stays white…

As you bought the addon, you also have support for it.
Talk with the creator or make him a ticket if that’s how it works.

Update: i have now found out that when i use quickchat (forgot what the other name for it is) the ones that say (somebody is a traitor), when i use that the normal chat tag colours and stuff work. it’s just when i chat normally that the colour of the tag is white

He didn’t bought it guys…Stop suggesting that