Deleting files in addons folder

I have a table containing paths to materials/models.
Is it possible to delete any file in one addon folder which paths are not in the table?
file.Delte can only delet files in the data folder, so is there any other way?

No it had been disabled for security reasons (see The Cough “virus”). Theres a Module that re-enables that though, but as the name says already, its a module.

Is the module released officially?
I only want to do this procedure one time and would install the module for this.

Its on a github repo, but I saw it a while ago and therefore dont know who released it anymore, sorry :confused:

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Found it

No problem, thanks for your help! Maybe I can find it after some researches.

Thanks! Problem is that I have never done this before. I just don’t understand how to make a .bin out of the folder. Sorry if this is a dump question but how would I do this?

Never used Bootil myself, sorry :confused: Ask one of the ‘more experienced’ people.