Deleting GMAs when unsubbed?

Garry’s Mod doesn’t do so.
So I had to, with my 25+ GBs of .gma files, in my addons folder, delete every. single. one of them. by hand. one at a time.(500+ files)
That should be self explanatory… so is it even possible to delete GMA when unsubbed? Or at least put unsubbed ones in a different folder so it doesn’t take me 3 hours. :pwn:

You couldve just deleted them all and then the ones that you were subbed to would automatically just redownload when you start up the game.

The easiest way is to go in-game, enable all addons, CTRL+A, then DELETE, SKIP files that are used by other proce, or simply CTRL+A and then DELETE without going into the game.

On my internet, that would take at least 4 hours.

Theres also an issue where you unsub, delete the GMA then freakin workshop starts downloading them again even though it’s gone, assume it’s due to some lst file or something being in another folder and seeing that it previously wasn’t downloaded or similar.

Workshop need a better function behind the scenes for this I do agree, also a SEARCH box in the fricken dupe section would be pretty functional… almost design 101.