Deleting gmod folders to fix a problem

ive had this problem for ages and no one can help me. What happens is when I play multi player I cant see info speech bubble values or wiremod values and stuff and sometimes other things. its pissing me off and stopping me from playing solve decided to just delete some of my folders but save my maps and addons.

Ive done this before but some mods and maps have things in other folders too so if i do that it will mess them up. Also arnt your adv dup saves saved in lua folders? I NEED to find them and save them somewhere else first. What file is likely to be making this problem? The only help I have ever got was to delete a folder called cl_cvars or something which helped a little bit but only half of the problems. That let me see the speech bubbles but not the values.

What folders do I need to save apart from maps and addons? im guessing also models, materials, gamemodes and maybe sounds? I dont want to fuck everything up but I guess I could just move them out of the folder then try it and if things stop working right or something I could move them back.

You could delete everything apart from maps and addons if you wanted.

Or you could delete everything then go on a clean install. Also, make sure you have the WIREMod SVN, don’t download it from, it’s not even supposed to be on there.

Yeah but I have stuff for maps and addons I have in other folders so it would screw them up. I went ahead and did it and wiremod seems to work on multi player now which is good. I still had a problem with not seeing speech bubbles on normal gmod stuff so I deleted the folder that fixes that and it should be good now.

Does anyone know why this happens?? its so annoying

And yes I have wiremod SVN and extras and stuff