deleting spawnmenu items

hey! so I want the following off of the spawnmenu:

how would I go about doing this? (obviously, I’d like the contents of the categories gone as well)

Took me 30 seconds to find that :slight_smile:

No need to be rude. I saw this, however, I didn’t really look at the script. From a glance it looks complicated. I figured it’d be over my level.

Change the categories of all of those weapons

Or you could spend the time going into each SWEP file and adding

SWEP.Spawnable = false

To the end of it

I’d rather not. I want automatic updates from the DarkRP github.

My apologies if I came off as rude. Didn’t mean it that way

Well, what Tupac posted should be useful then

It’s fine bro :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help, none-the-less :slight_smile:

After studying the code I understand it. Thanks a lot!

What tabs do you guys recommend to keep? I have only the spawnlists

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I’m using DarkRP, so it didn’t work.


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Also - how would I go about deleting certain tools from the tool list?

There are such things as list modifications that I know how to do that should work for tools and weapons. I’ll give examples tomorrow.

I have a new alternative that I like better. Deleting the tabs in all. However, for the tools… It’s a different story. I need some tools gone from the spawnmenu