"deliberately... we dont know what is that."



Nice. Something different for once.

kind of different you mean.

you could crop out everything but the soldiers and it’d be a typical tl brand screenshot

they’re dead


as in that striders gonna have sex with them and i don’t mean sexual intercourse


i mean forced sexual intercourse, commonly known as rape

what? :frowning:
are you horny?

no i just fapped awhile ago!!!

then what was that
just bumping?

it wasn’t useless

i was


Is it normal to hold your gun that way (first soldier)? I mean, the air isn’t going to take the recoil when he’d fire it. Nice picture, though.

Also, is the soldier with his back to us taking a leak or doesn’t he see the strider since the rest of the team is combat ready ?

Cool idea. Bloom/contrast is odd though and all the characters kinda merge into the background in a big blurry mess.

That wrecked car is awesome

Not bad. It looks like it was from the 7 Hour War. The only issue I can see is the ridiculous way the soldier on the far left is holding his gun.