Delta chip

ok, so I’m making an anti-air gun that compensates for bullet travel time. does anyone know the exact sample rate for a wire delta chip?

Every game tick? I’m not really sure…

It’s the difference of a value from one tick to another.

Depends on the server

Tickrate depends on the server, delta chip is still the same:

The difference of a value from one tick to another.

not sure why you need a delta chip.

TargetVector = Target:pos() + (Target:pos():distance(entity():pos()) / PROJECTILESPEED * Target:vel())

ok mac, thanks? just asking how do you find the actual world time of the tickrate

IIRC all servers have tick rates defaulted to 66.666667

I was giving you a formula for lead aiming so you dont have to use a delta gate. Sheesh.

@outputs TickRate
@persist N
    N=curtime() #Server time in seconds
    runOnTick(1) #Run chip every server tick
    N=curtime()-N #Difference in time between ticks
    TickRate=1/N #Number of ticks per second (tickrate)
    runOnTick(0) #Cease running chip

That should report the server tick rate mathematically.

I know, I was really saying thanks. lol

ooh, ok!