Delta Force nanosuit operative being generic, shooting off-screen (yay)

I saw some very cool Crysis 2 promo pics in Gamereactor magazine and got inspired. I know the muzzleflash shouldn’t be that big because the gun has a silencer attached to it, but I like muzzleflashes :saddowns:


The map was gm_buildgrass with some very simple scenebuilding.

Well umm… C&C. C&C.


Pose is good. But it looks like the muzzle flash is an explosion and the smoke is excessive.


I C&C’d :ohdear:


Oh and I forgot to mention, I love the lighting :smiley:

Aww… Was going to make it smaller, but it looked stupid like that.


bad choice of weapon.
otherwise awesome

The SCAR is in that game from what I understand.
Nice pic but I agree with punkrock77

Kinda is, but kinda isn’t. The SCAR in the game is not the one we know. At least I think so.

Actually, theres still a muzzleflash on Silencer, Just on hiders :v: also, perfect, just perfect

Don’t like the muzzleflash one bit.

And that is why you will point out the bad sides of it.

i like the effect of the crap flying around, but it was a bit over done and just looks messy. don’t get me wrong, it’s a great effect, just tone it down a bit.

Great dust and smoke and crap flying around but the muzzleflash looks so cartoony and out of place.


I don’t get where that shadow across his middle is coming from.

I guess I shouldn’t make muzzleflashes from scratch anymore…

Well, I thought it would be cast by his arms & his gun.

The scar in crysis is actually a XM8.

It isn’t any weapon that would exist in the real world. It looks like an XM8 and is titled “SCAR” but it isn’t any real gun.

Although the appearance is based on XM8, yes.

Well, it actually is a FN SCAR, but it has a more futuristic look to it. It’s like the M41 Pulse Rifle, where it’s based off of different guns and placed into one.

Rated Informative.


Smoke is bad, and Silenced weapons don’t make that big muzzle flash :3 not your best.

That sparks to the left don’t make enough light to reflect on the dude that much.

Doesn’t tell how I could improve it.

Did you read the OP, or did you just check out the picture?

Sorry for being so offensive.

I like it, the muzzleflash too.