Delta-force nanosuit soldier jump-kicking a soldier into a brick wall

Maximum strength activated.

A simple bonus pic:

C&C and that kind of stuff.

Wow that first one is pure epic.
Have a


All though bricks look way too clean.


Pretty cool although the bricks look a little silly.

The smoke is also too consistent… but the posing is very nice.

Only the the brick in the middle looks coo.

Couldn’t find any material that would both fit with the wall colour and look dirty.

Yeah, the bricks look strange. Nice posing and editing.

I don’t like the red effects on the soldier. It’s supposed to stay ON the suit.

Maybe he’s jumping really fast and leaves a trail?


When you see it, you’ll shit bricks. He saw it.


You told me about the original of this thread.

Yah, sorta. But then I found out that the other Crysis pic thread wasn’t removed, only dropped a few pages downwards…

Oh, Joazzz, can’t help with any model hacks. My computer BSOD’ed.


Yah, heard about that. I hope you’ll get it fixed :frown:

I kinda did that earlier, but it also included Max Armor so it wasn’t actually Max Speed.