Delta Force Team of 4 prepare for a Rescue Operation

This is my 2nd Pose that took about 50 minutes. Its still my 2nd pose so please tell me my problems and all that. The angles might be kinda bad but deal with it :D. Thank You for commenting and all that.

I might continue this later on but I need to decide which map I am going to use.

Shit posing from the same angle. :expressionless:

The Maschinegunner and sharpshooter are holding their guns like its a damn shovel.

Just use one screen shot. Not 4 of the same.

The dude pointing… All I hear him saying is “Your so silly!” in a very homosexual “accent”.

The posing is fairly bad, and dont use like 4 angles for one pose

The guy pointing looks drunk and as if he is saying “You there… Come’er”
The sniper looks retarded the way he holds the rifle.

The guy pointing is like “I swear to drunk… hic! I ain’t god…”

The pointing guy’s stance is unnatural, and all the handposing is too subtle, they hardly seem to hold the weapons. Also as said, for the machinegunman and the sniper, the arms are overall awkwardly posed.

Actually for the rest, it’s very good. The stands of the rest of the guys look natural, except for that foot pointing up at the sky

Could do with some more faceposing.