Delta in Afghan

Sry for another generic pictures.

I’m gonna disappear for a while again, cya


pretty lighting

MK18 gun from Arma 2?

I don’t know why but this is fantastic.

also those shadow company models look dead serious.

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btw, got a link for those dudes?

Original model is just regular shadow company.
tlsaudrl released it yesterday.

Lose the rimlighting. Now.

Generic, but very nice looking.

I just wanted to make it likes modern warfare shading style, not realistic shading style.

Now that’s neat, except the crazy plastic rimlighting and the fact that those two guys on the first picture are fucking twins!

The two soldiers look like plastic toys.

what map is this?

You must be capable of at least doing something beyond two guys pointing their guns to off screen enemies.

Although, granted, this required a bit more effort since you’ve edited in the background.

I posed this posing for killing time, so I didn’t have proper idea. That result is generic picture.

Nice one, but i prefer crouching soldiers more than sitting ones.

Sorry For Bump,
But Can i get a chance to get this Shadow company reskin???