"Delta team was failed. I repeat, Delta team was failed!"


Delta Team was failed but they are success next time.

that is approximately the most unnecessary scope i’ve ever seen.

blur the grainy shadows pls

It’s weird, shadows on the map surface are fine. but shadows on props or ragdolls become grainy.
How can I fix this?

eh i dunno but use photoshop blurring for now

btw someone forgot to compile the barb wire with $opaque. get a prop that casts shadows next time

i think CELL has failed since they can’t see the dude with his huge sniper rifle

well i’ve got to admit, taking down three Delta Force operatives with a riot shield apparently made out of tin foil is pretty impressive

I really like the idea itself for this, although CELL never took any prisoners in Crysis. I mean, they even shot some of the EMAT guys too.

Poor delta’s, totally not alphas at their exams.

Call in the ass kicker


yeah, L4D Developers forgot to compile that with $mostlyopaque

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well, those deltas are about to be executed. just like executed marines at New York Battery Park.

It’s his trademark.

Or you kids should do some research and find out that it is a night vision optic.

where did you get that marvelous tank model!

i think we all have an idea where it came from

Apple pie