Delta to Base

‘‘all personell has now been evacuated, start the pump in 20 secs and flush that beast out’’

I’m really liking the Death Korps of Krieg pictures you have. I like the posing and general atmosphere I don’t know if anyone else shares my opinion though.

I wonder will they look as good as now with pickelhaube instead of that pyro hat.

trust me… they dont.

These “medics” are pure badass.

I wish these had editing because they look great

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thanks to my idea … I would agree that these are badass and well done

i would like you or someone to edit this, it’s just that i wanted to put it up here directly so if you want to improve it then go ahead :slight_smile:

These 3 medics are becoming popular, I’ve seen 2 screens with them already.

I’ve seen dozens of pictures with rebels. So, they are fucking stars