Dem Admins

I dont know if anyone notices, but are the admins and moderators using the ban hammer too often. Even for people who are interesting in rust?
Why cant they just respond with a orderly manner, or they could just remove the post without owning you to beyond.
I might even get banned for even saying this. Injustice >_>

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of ericpies" - postal))

Mhm Watch out your playing with a touchy subject :confused:

Well I guess it’s because they have a lot of work to do and no time for Bullcrap; still it doesn’t mean that they are always right about bannin’ but they are good peeps at the end :slight_smile:

I think the logic goes like this:

If you post something that’s against the rules, you’re creating work for the mods, and the more you shit up the forum, the more work they have to do to clean up after you. You get punished accordingly.

Your friendly warning is the sticky at the top of the forum that tells you the forum rules. You should always read this, on any forum, unless you want to make it clear that you don’t give a fuck about the community or trying to fit in, and you just want your wants and needs satisfied.

Oh, and use the search function. The last two people who created threads to complain/question the mods’ ban rates got banned for being stupid. At the very least, you could’ve dug them up and learned from the past.

I’ve a feeling this thread’s not long for this world, I just hope I don’t get hurt for trying to explain to the OP.

So giving personal opinions is against the rules :o?

You have to elaborate pal

I’m not a mod, so I can’t tell you what to do, but I recommend reading the Rust subforum sticky. People who get banned and their threads closed usually broke one of those rules, or the greater site rules (linked at the bottom of every page on the entire site).

Your first chance was to read the sticky, if you can’t do that and show at least the minimum level of respect to this community, why should you be given a warning instead of a 24-hour vacation to get your attention and make you realize that these rules actually matter?

10-20 mods answering every goddamn question the 5000+ users have to ask…
( Even the half retarded ones )
Seems about right…

Last time I posted a thread like this, I immediately got banned for several days. Which is ironic, getting banned on a thread that asks the moderators to at least warn us before banning us.
I got banned for posting in the Rust area of the forums, you most likely will be banned too.

Perhaps the delivery of the message could have been done a little better.

OH! Poor you!
You posted something unrelated to “Rust” in the “Rust Subforum”
Why would you even get banned. I don’t know…

Respect the rules of the forum, use common sense, don’t be a crappy person, and you’re not gonna get banned. End of story.