Dem Church People

Keepin all the dam BPs to themselves.

Nice bow skills man.

You’re really good with that bow. That’s like as good as I want to be with it. Also you never got frame drops or small freezes. Was a fun watch.

Also that guy reading the creepy pasta was pretty funny. I’ve actually read that one before.

I to am an ememy of the chuch, we should team up.

ty for the love ppl, tune in sometimes, hit that subscribe button on youtubes, and follow on twitch

LOL I love how some guy just reading (a novel? sounds like an audiobook) and 2 nakeds following him just run in to the middle of your battle.

lol yea it turned out to be my homie too, who used to sing and shit on stream

Also if you guys wanna see a bunch of ppl get slaughtered real quick, click on this link