dem german tanks be rollin like "FUK DA POLICE"

probs doesn’t deserve a separate thread but creds to rossmum anyway because he posed it.

fuk da bundespolizei

you know what i think cos we discussed it on fb but basically yeh maybe the contrast is a little too much but at least it’s interesting

lens flare is too bladerunner for my taste considering the theme of the picture but it’s okay i guess

dude blue lens flares in awkward spots is my thing


Leggett. . . :smith:

Would that there be any police to fuck.

That sounded… Gay.

Aw, that soldier looks so peaceful sleeping next to the tank with his…

oh god

Oh god! what happened to leggett? Cool picture the colors own. Hmmm looks like someone saw super 8.

oh god

Sorry for spamming, but I’ve just understood who does this guy remind me of

now let’s just leave him alone…




I love it.

I don’t want to know how he got THOSE scars.

Wow!!! That looks real good, Could you tell me were you got all the models please??

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Hey I am a noob to facepuch

Hey! Don’t bump shit to ask questions from the OP, use personal messages.

Damn nice, i don’t mind that lens flare though

Looks like something by PMky or what is his name.

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old thread wee

good job reading it, i didn’t even pose it