Dem Hacks tho

  • The guy is randomly killing me my buddys and everyone else on the server with hacks.

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hackers report thread" - postal))

looks like a guy abusing the ghost bug.

Report the profile, nothing can be done here.

How can one do so?

Like this

(Used a friend’s profile as example, had to block out stuff!)

What was the point of blanking that?
People can see the damn URL you twit.

If its on US central it dosent mather it crash every 10min haha

Darn. Ah well, at least I tried. No need to be a butthole :smile:

hes back someone better ban him! his name =59= weet everyone report him

jetjaguar did the same shit on [TORO] server he was invis and killed like 4 of us

It’s a desync glitch.

More proof