Well this is my first video using Garry’s Mod so any tips which could improve my videos would be very appreciated.

i like the mood but the camera work was bit off, for such a slow calm song the camera movement shouldn’t be so fast. it should be slow zooming in scenery shot with the character sitting on the grass. something like that

try using Catmull rom camera to give you that nice angle or alternatively you could just record it still motion then zoom it in slowly with the editor. I like the song. it gives that feeling.

not sure would it be right to use my video for example. (I didn’t use catmull in this)

maybe you could learn from it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What you did on 0:05-0:06 looks bad, you should make it two clips like first passing the house and then slow zoom at house.

Orite thanks I’ll keep it in mind.

1:12-1:18…Did I just see what I think I saw?

Indeed :wink: