Demichev & The Suit

I’m going for an awesome fucking five-hour adventure on public transport tomorrow, so I’m posting this with only very minor editing. I did a bit of work on the AK and some small shadows, plus the straps holding the pistols and flares (anyone know of any decent holster models?); depending how I feel after I get to my parents’ place (and indeed if I can be bothered) I might finish the edit and edit it into this post. If not, it’ll have to wait until I get home Monday night (my time).

Quite nice. I like how it’s pretty sharp.

Looks very nice.

I like that.

pretty sure my last picture wasn’t like this

or the one before that

or before that, or before that, the closest i have recently to dudes aiming offscreen is the roof watch in which they aren’t aiming at all, they’re just chillin’ on a roof

what’s your point

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sorry, let me rephrase: what’s your point, man who made like ten pictures of one dude doing basically the same thing in a completely unbroken sequence

Story is nice but the pose is pretty boring.

Bloocobalt’s improved left 4 dead items has some holster models I think

I won’t lie, this is half AK-74M/1P29 test and half gloating that I have the aforementioned. I figured I might actually go somewhere with it though and maybe do a few pictures of resistance types doing their thing.

Two guys holding guns looking off-screen and you moan at other people for originality?

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Oh wait no sorry you made a shitty little story that makes it all better

Hahaha wow are you seriously getting mad about this? Take a fucking chill pill duder

(hint: it’s not brown)

(and neither of them are actually aiming)

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(and they’re not mw2 models)

(or moh models)

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(and it’s not a desert)

okay this is getting boring i think i’ve made my point

Everyone’s a hypocrite. Everyone’s as bad as each other. Just shut up.

As for the picture, it’s okay. Nice and sharp and the detailing around the straps is nice.

May i know the name of the map ?

Thanks mate.

oh shit hes arguing chesty help me out buddy

Your posts resemble a mad screenshot troll not mine.
What, cant handle some of your own attitude?


I’m not sure if Sym even intends to publicly release it, but if he does I’ll get back to you I guess

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ahaahahah wow goldenbullet you are truly precious

never stop posting

Please don’t force me to post a picture of you, Daniel. It’s difficult for me because the selection isn’t exactly extensive because you don’t go outside.


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it’s true :frowning:

noooo party over fuck

oh come on chesty it’s not his fault

or is it?

Oh wow I’m stupid

The Suit is holding his AR2 right-handed but his BHP is on his left leg what the fuck :smithicide:

he is ambidextrous