Demo Fun in the Sun.

Old photo that I went back and edited.
I wasn’t using the HWM models at the time.

C&C please


And how?

Pose is not to bad.

I personaly would have done more with that eye. It looks like there is just a light floating over it, not the eye its self…

Unless its a reflection from something. Then it would be odd.

Its supposed to be the reflection of the sun. Didn’t look good IMO either.

I didn’t really know what to do with it, it looked too bland.

it would have helpted if the sun was on his face.

Also, the shine is always from the teeth, or if your makeing fun of the concept, make something like his hat shine. :v:

Maybe use the burn tool instead of using the lens flare tool, I dunno though, I think depends the posistion of sun is

Here is another I worked on, but I didn’t like the demoman being so far away.

Shows the faceposing better.

It would make more sense if the stickies were somewhere less visible. Good concept still.

Thanks, I’ll write that down.

“thanks, i’ll pretend to give a shit and continue doing the same post-processing style that i’ve been doing because it’s the only way i can make anything look different than the standard in-game lighting and coloring and even though i’m making it worse, it warms my heart knowing that i’m at least applying something to make the picture look different than what comes out of the screenshot”

“Someone takes criticism? Is not possible!

his name is irishman - it’s pretty obvious that he’s trolling

sorry, but i see past his ploy - and yours

Are you mad at me or something?..

doy lits gu tro’ d’faceponch commuty an’ preten’ to be irish and post midiokir pictirs an’ play d’retird card

O. Ok


What do you think of the second version?

He’s not trolling, is he angry or making anyone else angry?
Now be happy he took your criticism and shut it.

Do not worry. He is one of the many posing bastards that will criticize everything you do, and have nothing to show for themselves except one or two shit poses.

Regardless, I like the picture. The stickies could have been lower on the log in the first picture.

Thank you. :D. I’ll take that into consideration next time I take a demo photo.

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