Could someone re-make demoman into Demo-Louis?

*** Replace head demo on louis (face poser need to be like L4D Louis)

  • Add tie (at least try)
  • Replace Demo-grenades on Pills (I think it’ll need resize model)
  • Possible re-change arms**

You can’t hack l4d models.

But can you try EDIT in some other programs?
Face poser isn’t that important ATM , All what I want is to see Demo-Louis

If you can’t make demo-louis try add to louis demo vest with his pills maybe this way will work out.
Just try

I´d recommend to change the tie color to blu too so it have the REAL feeling of Demoman

And I don´t think arms need to be changed, at all, just make it a bodygroup

You can, in every sense @.@


See? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s about as far as I can take this, as there’s large parts that would have to be remodelled to get them to fit together propperly. Strangely though I didn’t resize the vest it actually fits that well @.@

Well I think I did a fairly good job.

Holy shit, that looks awesome. This is what Team Fortress 2 characters should look like if they were to be realistic.

is awesome!!!

Cool ^^

(See that’s what effort looks like :P)

holy shit!!! It’s amazing!!!
Thanks bro for making it :d

Amazing work Silver and bloocobalt

Thanks :slight_smile: but mine has nothing to do with his and his is much better :stuck_out_tongue:

But that was a nice try.

No offense to Silver, but I disagree. His looked terrible.

That it does, no offence taken ^^

I only put it to prove you can decompile the L4D models.

Since Bloo is making this I can assume it will have 1000 bodygroups :buddy:

The smily at the end made this comment more funnier LOL

Hat,no hat, pills, no pills, eye patch on the other eye, etc

oh and don’t forget a bodygroup for how many pills there are/aren’t

Hmm, i can just see someone making a realistic demoman with this.