Demo Problem- NPCs are stuck

I have been trying to test out source recorder with some mechinema ideas, but when I play back a demo file, the NPCs don’t move.
I have checked and the AI is not disabled, and I am getting frustrated.
Any help?

I have the exact same problem, but I’m not done doing the render. I recorded a demo of me making lots of npcs fight and when i play it back, i see myself moving, i see gun shots, and blood splatters floating in mid air but everything is in normal formation.

For you did the video rendered out look fine? I haven’t finished, I’m doing it to an avi file, ill see what happens when it finishes.

P.S. What codec did you use? I used uncompressed, i think it may be the problem, also when it outputted .avi the top half of the video was the bottom, it was scrolling left like an unsynchronized film, and it was all flashing different colors.

P.P.S? Using Cinepak fixed my weird video problem, ill see what it does to the npc problem. Also when i selected cinepak, it said something about XVid so I may be using xvid…

P.P.P.S?! I downloaded XVid and used xvid instead and it works fine, but the npc’s are all jittery!!! And at one point where im noclipping, im bouncing back and fourth like im lagging or something. But yeah, i guess use XVid and it should be okayish.