Demo Shooting at Off-Screen Medic

This is basically a shading/highlighting test, plus experimentation with the muzzleflash/Burst thing.


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C&C and all that Jazz. :buddy:
Please Comment.
Sorry if looks a bit Aliased, either that or my monitor is too big.

Dodging around collar is a bit fail

Yeah I realised that after I saved, and I couldn’t (Didn’t) want to do anything about it, I might upload a V2 where is collar is blacked out or some shit like that. But yeah, Thanks for the Dumb I guess :buddy:

or is it an of screen spy!?!?!?

It’s an off-screen chihuahua gasping for air as it is approached by the stinky demoman with his nasty smell of scotch and greasy hair.

Poor chihuahua.

oh ok

got an idea of a picture but i fear i’d get banned for it
an off-screen demo shooting an off-screen medic
so,the picture would be a wall…

Do it.

Awesome picture IMO. Keep it up.