Demoknights make a stand + Bonus

Demoman (The one in the middle): Go home you little bitch and tell your leader that he’ll have to come and get this point in person from our cold dead hands!

I know I haven’t posted in a while but i’ve been most recently working on my servers and other things. I’ll most likely be hanging out on my TF2 server more than posing pictures. I put the server IP in the pictures and i’m also putting my name in them as well, I found out that some kid on a 4chan related site was stealing my pictures and claiming them as his -_-

The watermark is quite unnecessary. Nice posing though, but lighten up on the contrast a little.

The server IP or my name?

The IP is kinda cool, but the big name in the corner is intruding in my opinion.

Its there to try and stop some kid from stealing my work, I found that someone stole my sex poses and put them on a rule 34 site and now some kid on a 4chan related site is posting my work and claiming credit for them.

Who cares, they’re sex poses.

Nice pictures.

i wish people stole my sex poses

No wonder why…

yours aren’t worth stealing either, so I wouldn’t say anything if I were you.

Well for some reason some people have been.