Demolish is Needed for new Players

Ok so this demolish removal really, really hurts new players, its suppose to save us, from the ones who some how figure out that the cupboard is important but miss every single guide I saw or read that said hide it, and make it a pain in the but to get to it. Anyways the key issues with it are you screw yourself the more you play as a new player because you can not demolish and it takes ages to destroy upgraded base parts. As a newb on a active public server geting shelter for night time is very important with most guides recommending only the bare bones basics that you expanded on. There is no time to think about how will this look in 3 days when your not positive you will even be on the server in 8 hours, so you rush and get something started fast. Now once you got it, you immediately have to upgrade it to keep people out of your stuff, or from killing you while you sleep so you yet again must do fast work that later you may regret, or need to remove to make more space. Well now we can’t do that, we have to know from hour one of base building how tall we want it, how big we want it and the exact place meant of all outer walls, and ceilings because once you got that you got upgrade it asap, and if you want to add another floor have to hack down your ceiling for quite a bit of time with a stone axe, breaking a few in the process.

A incredibly good example for those crazies who think we should have the whole outside base preplaned is the locks. This is another huge pain in the ass I just ran into, I managed to do the planning decent, but forgot as I upgraded my first doorway and put a cheap lock on it, I have to hack that stupid door down now to replace the awfull key lock that will bite me in the but the first time I die with a much more forgiving code lock. Normally this would be cake walk I would have a couple of these silly key locks to give some piece of mind on upgraded doors and second I got the bp or found a keylock in a barrel I would pull out the hammer take the door off, and slap a new one up for the code lock. So now a new player must sacrifice security and either keep the door weak, or hold off on locking the doors because some people raged about how their cupboard they left near the door on the first floor.

No way to learn from your mistakes now unless you completely build a new base but I bet most noobs will quit before that now.

No demoing also takes all the creativity out of building because you are not able to try new things without ruining your base.

build with twig first, if you make a mistake its a couple of hits and its gone. gradually upgrade.

Right because twig will keep noobs safe right? Just go play legacy if you hate building so much.

LOL dude you have no idea who you’re talking to

A guy that has posted in every demo thread with the same useless reply…

Dude. I’m new here and even I know who he is & what he’s done.

I can already build code locks, so I didn’t think about the annoyance of having to put a temporary key lock on and then removing the door to upgrade to the code lock. That really does make it frustrating.

Good for you I don’t have time to keep track of random fools on the internet

You should be able to upgrade the Key lock to deal with that situation.

Or just bring back demo…