Demolishing solution

Demolishing is incredibly valuable to be able to update your house. Don’t underestimate it.
Not wanting raiders to have the ability to access everything in your house and making it disappear once they find your cupboard is a really valid concern.

I think we can all agree on that.
And we can also agree that the current solution to remove demolish is a clear cop out from the devs.

Let me try to propose a solution that manages both expectations and can be implemented in two phases.

First phase, quick and dirty.
Whoever placed the cupboard can demolish and no one else can. Authorizing with the cupboard gives you building permissions only.

Second phase, a more complete solution.
Add the logic of having 2 types of authorization levels in the cupboard. One is the “Owner” and the other is the “Builder”.
Whoever places the cupboard is an Owner. Anyone that gains physical access to the cupboard can authorize as a Builder.
An Owner can assign the “Owner” privilege to other “Builders”.
Owners can demolish, Builders can’t.

The only issue with this alternative, is if cupboards are destroyable. If they are destroyable, once you gain physical access to them you can simply destroy it, place one yourself and now you got demolish permissions.
As far as I know, cupboards aren’t destroyable right now, so it’s not yet a problem.

Going a little further, I think cupboards shouldn’t be destroyable at any point, they should simply disappear with time.
I can see them having a durability that decays with time, and you simply have to repair them like you do with walls.

I disagree, they made the correct choice by removing it. Now we don’t have to worry about building on rocks and water. We can actually build on land and not worry about our base, that we spent a hour and a half building and upgrading. Then a group of hooligans who just want to raid and leave the server brake in and demolish it down in two minuets. They are going in a good detection and I can’t agree more with them.

"Demolishing isn’t used properly and mostly isn’t needed, that’s our conclusion. When you break into someone’s base and you find their cupboard we don’t think you should be able to pull out a hammer and demolish walls and doors to find secret rooms. You shouldn’t be able to remove the entire building in a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t be able to place a cupboard next to someone who doesn’t have one, and demolish their base. That seems like common sense game design.

There is one legit reason to use demolish. You are remodelling your base. It seems to us that this is something worth sacrificing, worth making people think around.** Maybe we’ll add further tools in the future to make remodelling easier, but we need to see how this changes gameplay before making those kind of decisions.**

The benefits of removing demolish are obvious. Penetrating a single wall and getting access to your cupboard doesn’t give them access to your whole house. You can have multiple chambered safe rooms that take time for them to break into. Your house is probably still going to be there when you log in, even if you have been raided."

How come you don’t have to worry anymore about your house?

Someone raids it and gets to your cupboard, they authorize themselves and they simply close the wall they just broke. They also destroy the front door (if that wasn’t what they destroyed already) and replace it by their own, and there you go, you just got owned out of your house.

Although that sounds pretty realistic, I don’t agree that should be an option.
The usual feeling we have is that raiding should be possible because it’s fun and we do want to raid other people and consequently other people will be able to raid you. But in some way, the house you spent time building should be yours and not up for conquering.

I don’t mind logging in to the server and seeing that my house was raided and everything was stolen from me. But I’d really like to know that the damn house still sits there waiting for me, even with a few walls missing. And I just need to rebuild what was destroyed, and figure out how to make it harder to raid.

Getting back to a fully demolished house, or a conquered house because you need to go to sleep or do any other real life things we all actually need to do is incredibly frustrating, and ruins the fun of the game. Only people who can be around 24/7 or get into some sort of clan that can achieve that will ever be able to own something. Everyone else who is playing alone or can’t spend every single hour of his day playing rust, will relog to find himself naked and having nothing more than a rock, with his house demolished/taken by someone.

So the way I see it, raiding should be allowed and encouraged, but conquering should not be possible or incredibly harder. There is no real advantage to conquering. You can always build another house yourself, no need to make the game incredibly frustrating for anyone that doesn’t play 24/7. You can already raid the house and steal all the person’s belongings.

The idea I posted above makes it impossible for anyone to steal your house, as you can come back to it, and since you have demolish permissions you can simply reclaim it back, even if people destroy your door and replace it by theirs.

yes, but they can’t level the entire building by right-clicking the walls, they actually have to knock them down, which takes time and resources. odds are because it takes effort, they won’t demolish your house. if they replace your doors, you simply come back and replace them again, or break in through a wall. if they wall you in, it’s unlikely they will waste much in the way of resources to do so unless you have really pissed them off.

Simpliest solution ever: Codelocks for cupboards.

Demolishing is necessary in order to build properly and modify your house when needed. I didn’t liked this new update because of this fact.