Demoman and his Bomb-A-Trumpet

So, I just made a Garry’s Mod video and I wanted to get some feedback, so I thought “Why not get feedback from Facepunch?”. And well, here it is, hope you enjoy it! Please watch in HD, or else the quality may be a little messy…

use the hl2 explode effect, nonetheless, it’s humorous.

I didn’t want to use it, but I recorded that scene really late, so I wasn’t in the mood to download for example Nuke Pack and use the explosions from that addon. Thanks for the feedback!

I liked it! I got some good laughs.

Could use some background music.

Okay thanks, I was thinking about doing that but I ended up not doing it… Will do it for my next one though! :smiley:

Top shelf!

I’m thinking about making a small watermark like many GModders do. What do you guys think?

Sure, go for it.