Demoman decapitates three Soldiers in a row + Bonus picture

I am quite happy how it turned out, but I don’t like the blood on the ground.[/MEDIA]

Bonus: Soldier-Trollface


C&C please


Fantastic posing in the first one!

Holy shit, that first one is badass. Something about the blood doesn’t look right though.

Very Badass-ery
But Not enough blood is coming out of the Soldier closest to the Camera.
Arty’d because the Demo’s Eye is beautiful! :buddy:

Thanks, I tried to keep the Team Fortress 2 style. I tried various versions on and on and on, until the final result. Too bad that I noticed too late that the blood on the ground looks awful.

reuploaded the picture because imageshack is being a dick

bloods too orangey but other than that it’s great oh wait might be this crappy lil’ screen :L