Demoman drinking, Demoman in a wallpaper-ish pic and The Pyro

Has me posin’ improved, mates?

There ya go, lads. Now it would be a good time for some C&C.

I like the Pyro one but I’m not sure about the Demoman.

nice posing but:
the way he holds the nade launcher on the second one looks weird and there is minor clipping on the pyro’s index finger

Wait… Ah, I see it now. Damn.

Of course it looks weird.
He’s holding a damn bottle.

Demonskull means the thing in his right hand.

Demoman got’s a little bit of a dribble there honey.

I like the first and last pictures the most.

Got the Pyro or the first Demo 1920x1080?


Damnit :emo:

first picture
posing is fantastic, spot on. just that the glare at the top of the picture is distracting.
second picture
i don’t like it, but that’s just my opinion.
third picture
looks good, lighting is a nice touch.