Demoman eating some chicken.


Themz chiken looks mighty fine.

Sooo, he’s eating a spy? Spy = coward = chicken.

No he’s just eating some Fried Chicken.

The heavy his eyes O.O.

I want cannibalism next. Make a heavy eating the scout. CANNIBALS.

The black guy is eating chicken, how stereotypical D:

how racist!

New avatar.

Goes perfect with any disturbing pictures you’d post.

wow… very stereotypical

I like chicken as well. and I’m not black.

I never understood why everyone thinks that only black people are eating fried chicken.

that made me LOL’d on the Heavy’s face LOL.

Heavy’s face makes this perfect.

That’s some fowl looking chicken


nice picture, posing looks very natural

Actually, the demoman isn’t black as you know black. He’s Scottish Black! He doesn’t eat chicken.

he eats haggis, which is another stereotype all in itself.