Demoman missing his target. [Gore-a Gore-a!]

Kudos to the one who gets the title’s reference (not so hard).
Also, it REALLY happened :

Bonus :

Blood doesnt really fit TF2 but red demomans face is awesome.
Rated :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this, the expression on the demoman ducking is nice.

Very nice.

Is it from the movie Tora Tora?

Very nice by the way

Thank yeh everybody! (well, I am expecting MORE comments to be honest)
Also no, not from Tora Tora, it’s from good ol’ TF2.

it would have been better if instead of a red soldier, it was a blue spy that he accidentally killed.

but that’s just my opinion, otherwise nice job :slight_smile:

This has happend to me too many times than I can count.
nicely done picture have a artistic.

The way the demoman swings the eyelander seems weird to me. Other than that it’s good.

DAMN! 28 heads? Highest I got was 12.
Something similar to this happened to me but with an invisible spy.